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African Transkei Magic Mushrooms


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African Transkei Magic Mushrooms
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African Transkei Magic Mushrooms

African Transkei Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, African Transkei), aka South African Transkei (SAT) is the first and one of the only P. Cubensis strain originating out of the continent of Africa. It is unknown who exactly collected the samples, but from our research it shows that the samples were collected in January 2002 at the Wild Coast region of South Africa. It is reported that the mushrooms were found growing directly in dung in the shades of a tree.

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About African Transkei Magic Mushrooms

African Transkei Dried Magic Mushrooms are a strain of the Psilocybe Cubensis species. Psilocybe Cubensis Transkei magic mushrooms originate from the continent of Africa. Also know as SATs, these magic mushrooms are especially potent, being able to produce both closed eye and more remarkably open eye visuals. African Transkei Dried Magic Mushrooms are also known for being sensation enhancing mushrooms that can alter the way you perceive sound and visuals, produce geometric shapes as well as the perception of dancing lights.

Remember, African Transkei Dried Magic Mushrooms magic mushrooms are potent, so you’ll need to dose carefully. As long as you weigh out a proper dose, then these magic mushrooms are great for a recreational experience. African Transkei Dried Magic Mushrooms are an incredible strain that you’ll want to try at least once. Not only are the effects fantastic, but African Transkei Dried Magic Mushrooms are incredibly potent. That makes them perfect for a spiritual journey of introspection through the planes of consciousness.

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Ways to Consume African Transkei Magic Mushrooms

Eat the shrooms whole

Mix into smoothies and juices

Drink shrooms as shroom tea

Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide

Level Dose (Grams) Effects For Who
Microdose 0.2 to 0.5 No visible changes, no loss of control Microdosers or new experimental users
Low 0.5 to 1 Light euphoria, minor distortions Beginner users
Medium 1 to  2 Increased euphoria, deep introspection, heightened mood Intermediate users
High 2 to 3 Heavy introspection, open-mindedness, heavy hallucinations Heavy users
Extreme 3 to 4 Intense psychedelic experience Extreme Shroomer

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Uses and Effects of African Transkei Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms (shrooms) are known for the several possible effects they possess. They’re primarily used for the euphoric, psychedelic experience they can induce. Some of the possible benefits of magic mushrooms may include:

  • Euphoria and boosted mood
  • Feelings of connectedness with the world
  • Mindfulness and open-mindedness
  • Enhanced creativity, increased energy, and increased focus
  • Changes in perception of time

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Additionally, scientists are growing increasingly interested in the possible therapeutic benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. Researchers believe that psilocybin may be able to help alleviate symptoms of issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, cancer-related psychological conditions, cluster headaches, and other disorders. There is still a long way to go, and new studies are helping to accelerate the process.

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