Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms


Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Albino Penis Envy), is one of the strongest and rarest magic mushrooms. This rare specimen is extremely difficult to grow thus we have a very limited supply. Penis Envy has built a reputation to be one of the strongest shrooms, most reports say it is at least double the potency of other P. Cubensis strains.

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms | Buy Shrooms Online

Albino Penis Envy is one of the most hardest-to-find and hardest-to-handle strains of Psilocybe Cubensis magic shrooms. Great demand among experienced psychonauts and complicated cultivating processes make them fly off the shelves of any dispensary. Unfortunately, Albino Penis Envy shrooms often come as fakes. If you want to avoid putting yourself at risk of buying the wrong product, turn to Magic Mushroom Pharma.

Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

We are a team of magic mushroom enthusiasts with years on the market. Our Penis Envy mushrooms for sale are of the highest quality. This strain is about double the potency of commonly available psilocybin-containing shrooms. That’s why it may not be your best choice if you’re a beginner or just testing the waters. But if you’re an experienced magic shrooms consumer, Penis Envy will be a real boon for you.

As you can guess by its name, Albino Penis Envy reminds a phallus in shape and can be whitish or milky in color. You can come across other types of this strain, but all of them are some of the most potent products in the psilocybin world.

Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

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Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Albino Penis Envy mushrooms stand out with their thick stems, massive tops, and they are significantly larger than most types of shrooms. When blended, Penis Envy looks like any other mushroom powder. That’s why we sell this variety in the dried form so that you can always tell it apart.

The king of magic mushrooms, Penis Envy, is not something you can use to get acquainted with psychedelics. Even seasoned users report out-of-this-world journeys after consumption, including:

  • deep spiritual and divine experiences
  • synesthesia (when your senses get mixed)
  • brightening of colors and enhancement of sounds
  • time and space distortion
  • deep dive into the inner self
  • hours of thinking about eternal things

albino penis envy mushroom - where to buyalbino penis envy mushroom


Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Of course, different users may experience this strain differently. You’ll never know what effects it has in store for you until you try Penis Envy Albino shrooms. Order a couple of grams now as their quantity is limited!

Even though we’ve established the rock-solid supply chain for psilocybin mushrooms of any type and form, we have Penis Envy in a limited amount. If you want to buy Penis Envy mushrooms in bulk (over 28 grams), you can always contact us and specify the quantity you need. You can also experiment with different dosages as we offer 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g packages.

Check out our Testimonials section to be sure that Magic Mushroom Pharma is the right dispensary to get Penis Envy. Especially when its price is so low here!

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