Lemon Skunk Strain

Lemon Skunk Strain


The Lemon Skunk strain is a lemon meringue pie in the form of cannabis. Tasty from the first bite puff to the last. It’s happiness in a green nug.

Lemon Skunk is an award-winning sativa–hybrid from the friendly folks at DNA genetics. The strain is a cross between 2 skunk variations that produced a heavenly citrus aroma.

Lemon Skunk Strain


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lemon skunk strain

Lemon Skunk, also known as Lemon Skunk OG, is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain developed from two special Skunk phenotypes selected by the breeder. This classic strain is renowned for its energizing effects and mellow high. It has a skunky aroma with zesty lemon undertones, providing instant feelings of buzzy energy and happiness. With a THC content of around 19%, Lemon Skunk is suitable for cannabis consumers of all experience levels. The dominant terpene in Lemon Skunk is Myrcene, and it is often chosen by medical marijuana patients to alleviate symptoms related to depression or stress.

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Lemon Skunk Strain Effects:

  • Energizing
  • Mellow high
  • Instant mood lift
  • Stress relief
  • Anti-depressant effects

Lemon Skunk Strain Genetics: Lemon Skunk is a hybrid strain born from Citrus Skunk and Skunk #1 genetics. It has won several awards globally, including first place in various competitions like the Highlife Cup and Spannabis Cannabis Championships Cup.

Lemon Skunk | Herb Approach | Online Dispensary Canada | Buy Weed

Lemon Skunk Grow Information: Growers have reported that Lemon Skunk produces a large yield with vibrant orange and green-colored buds. It has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, making trimming easy, and grows best as a multi-branch plant. This strain thrives with moderate to heavy nutrients, typically yielding between 400-500g/m².

User Reviews on Lemon Skunk:

  • Users appreciate its citrus flavor with skunky undertones.
  • Many find it helpful for pain relief, depression, and boosting energy.
  • Some users note its immediate head buzz and stress-relieving properties.
  • Lemon Skunk is described as an excellent daytime strain that enhances focus and creativity while melting away anxiety.

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In summary, Lemon Skunk is a highly regarded sativa-dominant hybrid strain known for its potent lemon flavor, energizing effects, and stress-relieving properties. It has gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts for its complex high that combines cerebral stimulation with relaxation.


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